Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I buy $BAGS?
BAGS is currently traded on the platforms specified in the Exchanges (DEX & CEX) section.
What fees (or taxs) exist in the BagSoccer ecosystem?
We currently have a 5% fee on each transaction that is contributed to the liquidity of the BAGS BUSD pair. Additionally, we also have a 5% fee in each betting game that will be directed to the burning of tokens and the treasure fund.
Is $BAGS token deflationary?
Yes, $BAGS is highly deflationary and has a max (and fully minted) supply of 10.000.000. With every match you bet on, tokens are burned, so there will be allways less on circulation.
When will the game be released?
The full version of the game is scheduled for November 2022.
How to earn on BagSoccer?
Betting $BAGS in quick matches against other players. Buying a BAG NFT and staking it to earn more $BAGS.
Why are the BAGS so cute?
We haven't found the answer to that yet.
If you think we should add more FAQs, please write to us at [email protected]