Game Modes

At BagSoccer there will be different game modes among which you will find:
  • Casual matches: this mode will be a basic mode in which each player can play as many times as they want without having to bet, in order to practice their skills online against other players.
  • Bet matches: This mode will be one of the most interesting since they will be games that will not influence the ranked but in which you can bet the amount of tokens you want and thus be able to bet without needing to lose your position in the classification.
  • Ranked matches: In this mode there will be a classification table among all the players, in which points will be added every time a match is won, so each end of the season the best players will be rewarded by giving them rewards, in these games it will be mandatory to bet to be able to play.
  • Tournaments: this mode will be the most exclusive of the entire game, as the name says, they will be exclusive tournaments for owners of NFTs. There will be rewards and each will be unique and exclusive to each tournament, which means that the rewards will not be repeated in the following tournaments.